Resilience Coaching


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Are you looking to build resilience in times of uncertainty?

Serenity Coaching is designed to help you find your center and bring your creative voice to life in a way that is authentic to your natural talents. We start with the CliftonStrengths assessment and then tailor a program based on your desired outcomes.

We will start by looking in-depth at your natural talents (ways you naturally think, feel, and behave). We will look ahead to your desired objectives. And then, in an environment of complete trust, safety, and inspiration, we will work through the obstacles that are getting in your way. Brene Brown encourages our journey to be from “our head, to our heart, to our hands.” We will take the time to follow this same flow.

About Serenity

Grow your creativity and your self with coaching, stamping classes, and handmade cards from Serenity.