Annual Intentions Workshop


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Join us on the path to self-awareness, strengths-awareness, and spirit-awareness as we journey from vision to manifestation. Please make note that the workbook is also included in this price.

The objective for this course is to connect with your purpose from head to heart to hand in a small intimate environment with other like-minded souls in a two-hour workshop each month. You will focus your journey by selecting one word or spiritual principle to focus on such as love, balance, freedom, or any principle that speaks to what you need more of.

For this package, you will attend an entire year of workshops:
Phase 1 (Jan-Mar) – Intention Setting (Vision Board, Definition, Wheel of Life)
Phase 2 (Apr-June) – I AM (Strengths, Values, Beliefs)
Phase 3 (Jul-Sept) – Creative Expression, Habits/Routines (Mixed Media Artwork, Journaling, Learning)
Phase 4 (Oct-Dec) – Gratitude, Hope (Paper Doll Play, Thank You Cards)

Once you have signed up and have been invited to the program, visit our supplies page to view the necessary and recommended items for each session.

Annual Workshop and Workbook

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