Willing. Seeking. Learning.

I don’t share much about my coaching work, or my word for the year, or the Intentions group workshop that I have the honor of hosting.

I don’t know why it is that I don’t share more

In my head and heart, all of my coaching and my artwork is connected. It’s all about my form of creative expression. One way I am creative is to literally create art. And another way is that I try to listen so carefully to others and then shine a flashlight so they can follow the path for their form of creative expression.

I’ve been yearning to integrate the two more, somehow. And to share more.

And then I get stuck. You may know how that goes. Is it perfect enough? Is there a plan? Is it clear? What will people think? Will I have the time? What if I put my heart out there and…. what if? fill in the blank.

Anyway, today I am going to venture out with a simple share. Here is an art journal page that we made in the Intentions class that I get the honor to facilitate. Our activity was to take the below formula, and then create an art page from it. I did give some structure and guidelines, but then everyone made it their own.

I had us start with the word Willing. I AM WILLING. Some people kept that word and some substituted. It’s all good.

Then I had us add our word for the year. In this class, we each have a word for the year. My word is seek. So… I AM SEEKING.

And then I had us take our top CliftonStrengths theme. Mine is Learner. So… I AM LEARNING.




We started the session with a reflective meditation. Then we got arty and created our pages. We journaled a bit. And then we shared our pages with each other. It was really a beautiful experience and difficult to put into words.

This was my page. Nothing great from an art perspective, but it did move something inside of me. I ran the workshop two times last Saturday, and during the second meditation is when the I AM GRATEFUL came to me.

Extra bonus – I got to have my first play with our new Soft Pastel Chalks!!

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