Hospital Time This Morning

This was the text exchange that I had with my sister Doris this morning.

Lela: Hospital time this morning

Doris: ?????

My text message was referring to a new term that Doris and I recently came up with called “Card Hospital.”

A couple of months ago, we came up with the idea to have a “Card Hospital.” As we go along, we store partial cards and bits in a box and organized little folders. Then, we set aside specific times to give nourishment to the ailing cards.

This is where we put all of our cards that need just a little more love. We all have those cards. It might be a darker card that needs an inside, or maybe a half-finished idea that there isn’t time to fix just at that moment. (CAVEAT EMPTOR: You might be the kind of person that fixes your cards immediately. If so, this idea is probably not for you!!)

A not-so-tidy example of a Card Hospital

Every single week since then we have said, “Oh we better get to those Card Hospital cards. They are stacking up!”

This morning was the perfect opportunity. Two hours were set aside for “Stamp with Lela” time. The supplies were all in one place. The surface was cleared for working. So I texted Doris…. “Hospital Today!”

Stamp with Lela – Monday night and Wednesday day

And I scared her. I don’t know if you have ever done that – sent a text with just a couple of words, knowing with complete clarity what you were intending to get across. My intentions were good but I had completely forgotten the rest of the context of our lives.

My husband Bob was in the real hospital the other night. (He was in the ER. He is ok today, thank goodness. He was having trouble breathing). We have not one but three relatives with Covid right now, two of them seeking treatment at hospitals. TODAY. Please – they could all use our good thoughts and prayers and love.)

Hospital time! I just wasn’t thinking.

Once we got through that initial panic, we eventually got to the topic of the Card Hospital. Maybe it needs a different name?

It turns out that with a simple process and a set of basic supplies, I was able to fix 15 of those cards PLUS have an awesome stampin’ visit during Stamp with Lela time.

15 “healed” cards!! Ready to Send!

The simple process:

  1. Save the cards and die-cuts in an organized fashion.
  2. Set aside time to work on the cards. (Stamp with Lela would be a great time!) Give yourself permission to work with the clock versus needing to finish the box. Stop when your time is up.
  3. Sort cards into categories. See list below.
  4. Grab some basic supplies. See list below.
  5. Have a couple of “go-to” sketches on hand.
  6. Start with the simplest cards first so you can feel a sense of progress right away.

Once you have made them up, it’s time to SEND THOSE CARDS! (If you have extra cards, you can join our Cards For Causes team as a volunteer!)

Hospital Card Categories:

  • Needs bow or embellishment
  • Needs an inside
  • Needs a sentiment straightened out
  • Card front needs a full card base
  • Partially signed card
  • Partially completed cards with folds, or DSP, or stamped images

Helpful Supplies:

Organized die-cuts and punches
  • Ink Pads
  • General sentiment stamp set (different sizes, messages)
  • Blocks
  • Organized Die-Cuts
  • Partial ribbons and bows
  • Adhesives, snips, trimmer, bone folder
15 “healed” cards!! Ready to Send!

I hope our people heal as easily as these cards.

Take good care of yourself out there. Personally, I am trying to drink lots of water.

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