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Finding Serenity

Serenity was built on the belief that everyone is creative in their own way. Our mission is to work with you to bring your creative voice to life. We’re here to help you embolden your individual creativity, whether that be in your professional life with coaching sessions, by learning to make cards and stamp, or by sending a heartfelt card to a loved one.

Ultimately, Serenity exists to help you be your truest, most creative you. Journey with Serenity to find your purpose, your voice, and your very best self.


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Meet Lela Meinke


My purpose is to help people find and express their best voice and most creative and authentic self. I’ve always loved learning and growing and serving as a kind mirror and coach for others. I have always been creative. (Although I didn’t always know it!)

My journey towards creativity and an others-focused calling bloomed from two sequential awakenings. First was when I realized that my habits were taking me down a very unhealthy path. Through beautiful grace and learning from others, I am grateful to say that those dark days are not my reality today. It was at this time that I embraced the hobby of card-making and paper-crafting. I discovered my authentic voice and creativity deep down inside. I know that I did not do this alone, and that all of my blessings are a gift from my higher power whom I choose to call God.

The second awakening came at a time when I felt “not enough.” I had the great opportunity to take the CliftonStrengths assessment, and I learned how to view myself and others through the lens of what is good about ourselves instead of where we need to be “fixed.” This period of my life led to many hard-earned coaching certifications, and ultimately, the creation of Serenity.

Building Trust

  • Gallup Certified Strengths Coach
  • ASQ Lean Six Sigma Green Belt
  • Card Maker of 30 Years
  • Coach and Teacher of 30 Years
About Serenity

Grow your creativity and your self with coaching, stamping classes, and handmade cards from Serenity.