Writing the Labyrinth

In today’s Intentions workshop, our pod will be Writing the Labyrinth. This a beautiful and unique journaling process which takes us out of the box and encourages us to let go with our expression. I learned this technique long ago from Virginia Ellenson.

I am imagining I could add color and stamps and patterns and images. I’ll let you know if I decide to execute on that idea.

I select a word for the year each year, and I invite my Intentions pod participants to do the same. This year my word has been SIMPLE. It’s been so good for me. I was a little scared that SIMPLE would mean clamping down on creativity and innovation. In fact, it is helping me channel my creativity energy into the most productive places – AND providing motivation for me to do more mundane, routine, consistent, disciplined tasks so that my creativity can run free in the most fun of all places. For me the most fun of all places is my art, and my writing, and my workshops, and working with and coaching others.

Shine on beautiful soul.

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