How To Bring Your Creative Voice To Life

Nurturing your sense of creativity enriches your life with a sense of fulfillment and encourages your personal growth. Serenity offers coaching and stamping classes to help you become your best creative self. But you can also start creating at home, right now. These tips will help you take the first steps on your path to greater creativity.

7 Ways To Bring Your Creative Voice To Life

1: Reframe what creativity means to you.

So many of us say that we aren’t creative, or we think of creativity in the context of being a great artist or great musician. It can be so much more than that. You can be creative when you’re finding just the right solution for a challenge at work, cooking dinner, or in a number of other ways. Take a moment to reflect on what creativity means to you, and how you may already be creative in your daily life.

2: Reflect on a value that is important to you.

What are your core values? Focusing on one core value and then thinking of ways you can emulate that in your daily life encourages creative thinking. For example if you value kindness, get creative in how you show it! Maybe you pay it forward in line at the drive thru and pay for the person behind you, or do something nice for a coworker or family member.

3: Know your strengths.

Whether you are a people person, an influencer, a person who gets a lot of things done, a person who loves connecting with others, or a little bit of everything, embracing your strengths can help you focus on the areas you excel and build on them.

4: Take on a hobby.

Picking up a new hobby is a simple way to bring a bit more creativity into your everyday life. (Serenity was born from Lela’s joy for card-making and rubber-stamping!)

Don’t be afraid to explore whatever interests you! Painting, woodworking, writing, stamping, and the list goes on!

5: Vibe with your tribe.

Which community do you most feel a part of? How much time do you spend with them? Our creative voices flourish best when we’re supported by our communities. 

6: Embrace your inner leader.

In their book Strengths Based Leadership, GALLUP shares their research that great leaders bring hope, stability, trust, and compassion to those around them.

In fostering your own sense of leadership, you can create your own supportive community where creativity thrives!

7: Be of service.

Finally, what better way to enrich your life than by giving back? Take time to focus on how you can serve others.

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